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About Snupto

The Safest Social Network and Video Community is Here! We are the best and safest social network all around the world. Share your creative videos, thoughts, write blog posts, show your favourite music, earn badges and snuptos (points) and much more!

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Snupto, for no Censorship

Snupto began in Panama, Panama, as a vision between good friends who were early founders of social marketplaces. With Facebook all the rage, they felt that democracy and free speech, something really critically human was getting lost. The big technology companies, you know who they are, had reverted to treating us as commodities. They somehow mistook people signing up to use their services as a welcome invitation to target, track, spy, and sell our information to advertisers and the government. All in all, it felt pretty creepy. And they can ban us if they want, for no good reason.

So, we developed, snupto.


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We Just Make the Social Interaction Happen

We created the safest Social Network, Snupto is open for everybody, safe for everybody, respects everybody, respects every democratic opinion, promotes freedom of expression, prevents censorship, does not block democratically legitimized opinion. Snupto is your social network if you want to express yourself openly without being blocked

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We Just Make Social Interaction Happen

Snupto is an interesting and promising alternative for a global social network, especially in times of fierce disputes about Facebook & Co. about data protection and data management.

2021 is the time for alternatives to Facebook and Co.

We have these alternatives ready to go. We are now starting the launch of Snupto.

You now have the chance of. Start to be there.

Snupto is a startup based in Panama. We use social media management for Brazil / Portugal, Spain (Central America), North America, EU and other areas.
Phase 1 (beta phase completed – start February 15, 2021).




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