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Why Join Snupto?

Snupto is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world which presents an alternative version of online sharing. It allows users to upload short videos with music or anything they want. 

Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s cringe, but it’s definitely addictive.

And while for many people Snupto seems to be filling a void users a keen too. Snupto provides a social network platform for users to express themselves in a very creative way.

Our priority, though? Supporting content creators.

The internet is nothing without content creators, and we are committed to finding ways for them to make a living and have a stable income and make a profit. You will be able to Tip them with Snuptos at any given moment. In exchange, they will create exclusive content for you that you will receive directly in your feed.

And as a content creator, you are no longer solely dependent on YouTube or Instagram, with Snupto you can be rewarded directly for your ideas, your work, and your commitment. Besides,

Snupto also supports payment in Cryptocurrency.

It’s up to you, if you really want to escape Facebook’s stranglehold, choose Snupto.

You can be there from now and participate in the further development of your social network your video community.

make money with snupto
Make Money oN Snupto

The Best Social Network and Video Sharing Community and Awesome Features

Now it is time for a social network in which freedom of expression, Democracy, the right to your private life, and your data are also at the center of development, like supporting free expression without interference from undemocratic censorship.

If you want to experience such a social network support Snupto – your Social Network.

We created a social network where we could chat and share things with our friends and family to the confidence that our privacy was respected and protected. is the safest social network and also a video community. The use of the basic offers is free. To be able to use the premium offers, you need an invitation link from friends or acquaintances who are already premium members of Snupto. Or you can purchase a premium membership yourself and thus support the further expansion of Snupto.

Snupto is really new and offers a lot more options than Facebook. In addition to the well-known Activity Stream, can you post or meet friends online, offer or look for jobs, sell or buy with our classified ads Participate in forums or found a forum yourself, you can keep a to-do list, upload, and share videos and of course, post a story or watch other people’s stories. You can chat publicly or privately.

And that’s just a selection of what you can do with Snupto.

Due to recent advancements in data-portability pushed by the European Union, if you already have a social network you will be able to import your photos, videos, chats, and more into Snupto from existing major social networks!

Let’s get it out of the way: Our revenue model is not nor ever will be an advertisement. 

Instead, it will be based on a digital currency called Snupto.

With Snuptos you can book trips for less, place ads, pay in restaurants, hotels, or reward other community participants for services.

The real Social Network - Snupto

  • Where your data isn’t sold. 
  • Where you – not algorithms – decide what you see.  
  • Welcome to Snupto your Social Media, Social Network and Video Community

Why build a community platform?

3 simple reasons

Bring members together

Share documents

Create relationships

We are all close together

A problem, a question, an emergency?
Do not hesitate to visit the help centre, we can help you.


You have full control over your newsfeeds and the order of how posts appear on Snupto. Snupto does not manipulate, filter, or change the order of your newsfeeds.

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