The Trojan Horse Conspiracy by Colt Ryan
My new book: The Trojan Horse Conspiracy

Infocomm 2024 Las Vegas
InfoComm, the largest audiovisual show in North America is back and will bring together the biggest brands and brightest minds in the industry together. InfoComm 2024 will take place from June 8-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The halls will be packed with manufacturers, integrators, dealers, and end-users worldwide, showcasing the latest technologies, products, and services.


The Trojan Horse Conspiracy
A limited number of The Trojan Horse Conspiracy signed editions will be available. Don't miss out! Get your pre-order in now:

Russian Bot do not like The Trojan Horse Conspiracy
🔥 Breaking News! My book presentation of "The Trojan Horse Conspiracy" is causing quite a stir! 📚🌟

Recently, a crack friend sent me a video comment that revealed something truly fascinating. It seems that my thriller is not only captivating readers, but also drawing attention from unexpected sources. Russian bots, enemies of Israel and Ukraine, and even some close to home in the USA are feeling the heat! 🔥🌍

As an author and journalist, it's my duty to delve deep into the truth and bring it to light in my thrillers. I am thrilled to see that my research and dedication to authenticity are making an impact. It's said that "hit dogs bark," and it seems that my storytelling is striking a nerve. 💥